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Want to work on a better you in 2019?

Find Balance. A biomechanical assessment and therapeutic Pilates for the athlete with a goal or injured friend who needs to recover and get stronger.  

Find your Youth.  A session for facial muscular tension release ( facial acupuncture), a flexible spine and strong core/pelvic floor.

New Mom with Recovery and Rejuvenation. A package to assist in recovery from labour/delivery. Assessment and treatment of birthing strains, with a focus on realignment and strengthening weaken muscles of pelvic floor and abdominal. This is especially beneficial for diastasis recti. 

Give your New Baby with the Best Start to LIfe.   A package for baby to check for muscular tension and ease birth strains or trauma.  Crainal Sacral Therapy, and baby massage create calm and happy babies that sleep peacefully.   Add a breastfeeding consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for a complete session.

Nursing Mother.  A session with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to help baby and mother to nursing peacefully and happily.



Support the body’s natural healing ability using adjustments, mobilizations, gentle soft tissue therapy, acupuncture…then and strengthen the body using pilates and other exercises, to maximize health potential!



Chiropractic and pilates can be incorporated for:

  • SPORTS INJURIES – and other life injuries

  • PRE-POST PREGNANCY – to help mom with changes in their posture and body

  • POST SURGICAL CARE – especially beneficial for disc herniations and back surgery

  • PREHABILITIATION – for ACL, knee and hip replacements and back surgery

  • CLINICAL CONDITIONS - scoliosis, disc herniations, osteoarthritis, strains/sprains

By using THERAPEUTIC PILATES, weak and injured areas are stabilized and strengthen for effective long term PAIN RELIEF and MAXIMIZED HEALTH!



Gentle techniques such as cranial sacral therapy can help

  • BREASTFEEDING- painful latch

  • TONGUE TIE BABIES – assessment and treatment, pre/post frenotomy

  • FUSSY BABIES – colic, reflux , torticollis

  • THE DYAD: MOM AND BABY– blocked ducts, breastfeeding ergonomics

  • BIRTH TRAUMA – difficult births, posterior births

  • LIFE TRAUMA - falls, bumps, limping

  • DEVELOPMENTAL MOTOR MILESTONES – delayed sitting, crawling, walking

  • TUMMY TIME – The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends “Prone position during awake time (tummy time) for 10 min to 15 min at least three times per day reduces the development of plagiocephaly”. Tummy time is critical for babies, yet many hate tummy time.

Online assessments and treatment options are available. Please contact us for details.



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