If you feel like something is "off" with your baby and toddler, and you do not know what it is or how to make it better, seek help. After a history and examination, we will discuss possible diagnosis and use gentle techniques  to help.  These are common conditions we help:

  • Birth trauma – including tortocollis.

  • Fussy and colic – healthy crying is normal, BUT constant, frequent, screaming cries are a baby’s way of asking for “help”

  • Delayed motor skills examination and milestones assessment

  • Life traumas – falls, bumps, limping


Did you know birth trauma is "normal" but it does have effects. Being a concerned parent is your right, and you need to ask questions and understand. We can help, because helping babies and toddlers overcome "normal birth trauma" as soon as we can allows them to grow into healthy, happier children.