Rehabilitation is an integral part of healing. Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit regularly accepts referrals from other chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors, trainers and instructors to strengthen after an injury or pain.

After an acute injury, pain and inflammation needs to be addressed first, then the body needs to strengthen. This step is often missed, leading to muscle weakness and imbalance, and a cycle of pain.  

For “old” injuries or chronic pain, these muscular imbalances and compensations have become problematic.

Regaining strength and improving health is achievable.


  • CUSTOM PROGRAMS – After examination findings, health history and lifestyle/goals are discussed, these programs are developed specifically of each individual.  These are based on existing injuries, weaknesses or sport-specific goals


  • TRANSITION TO SPORT OR WORK– By working closely with trainers and other therapist, people can feel safer with workouts and progress faster towards their goals or sport.


Exercise rehabilitation programs focus on neuromuscular re-education through evidence based exercises, pilates or yoga.  These can be covered by extended health care plans.




Unique to Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, THERAPEUTIC PILATES REHAB incorporates the principles of pilates, with the relaxtion stretches of yoga, and the chiropractic knowledge of biomechanics and injury management.

Therapeutic Pilates is instructed by a Dr. Darlene Buan-Basit, and everyone undergoes an initial assessment to understand individual’s needs and goals before the first lesson.

The exercises are chosen to address a particular injury, muscular imbalance or weakness. Therapeutic Pilates is designed to mobilize joint then stabilize the weakness.  Using a variety of equipment, techniques and assisted movement/stretches, the session is different for every individual at every session.


 Therapeutic Pilates Rehab helps:

  • Chronic pain
  • Disc herniations and spinal stenosis
  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions
  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoarthritis in the spine
  • High risk pregnancies
  • Post delivery




Using the OmGym, traction can be provided to tight spines. Utilizing Suspension Yoga exercises, people are provided specific movements to create core strength as well as deep but controlled stretches.