For newborns
Breastfeeding support and solutions with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) for babies who are

§  Fussy and colic – healthy crying is normal, constant, frequent irritable cries are asking for “help”

§  Tongue tied – see handout Manual therapy for Tongue Tie

§  Latching difficulty – painful or ineffective latches can have many reasons, the combined knowledge of the Lactation Consultant and Dr. Buan-Basit leads to more successful breastfeeding


For babies and toddlers

§  Delayed motor skills examination and milestones assessment

§  Life traumas – falls, bumps, limping



§  Pre natal – as the baby grows, weight and posture changes creating discomfort and pain. Using gentle techniques, taping, exercise rehabilitation, women can enjoy the unique journey of pregnancy

§  Post natal - recovering from labour and c-sections is a difficult process as many new moms have less time and energy to care for themselves. Using Pilates based exercise rehab and gentle therapy, moms can regain their strength and balance their bodies, especially great for Diastasis recti – treatment and rehab

§  Breastfeeding and Blocked ducts – using lympathic drainage and therapeutic ultrasound, many new moms can get the support and care

§  Breastfeeding ergonomics – ensuring baby is latching and feeding well is important, but also make sure moms are not straining their wrists, shoulders or neck is very important.


Baby and child examinations

§  Delayed motor skills

§  Breastfeeding and latching difficulties

§  Birth trauma and life traumas


Supporting moms and babies...

Nourishing and guiding families…

Because babies did not come with instructional manuals and parenting is the toughest EVER